Idex Sure-Fit Connecter

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Sure-Fit Connector

  • Self-adjusting to any port depth regardless of column manufacturer
  • Fingertight to 6,000 psi (414 bar) 
  • Available in PEEK™ or stainless steel

Eliminating leaks and dead volume is critical to achieving good chromatographic results. The Sure-Fit connector gives you a perfect fit in nearly every 10-32 coned receiving port — every connection, every time. Typically leaks and dead volume are caused by an improperly plumbed system and can occur for many reasons, including switching columns. The problem occurs not only when switching from one manufacturer to another, it can also occur when changing columns from the same manufacturer. This is because internal port depths vary, even within the same manufacturing lot. Unless the connector is universal, eliminating leaks and dead volume cannot be guaranteed. The Sure-Fit connector has a unique internal spring-tensioned mechanism that automatically self-adjusts to virtually any port depth while maintaining constant pressure on the 1/16” OD tubing.

Sure-Fit connectors come with either PEEK tubing or stainless steel tubing, in varying lengths and internal diameters, pre-assembled for ease of use. Choose the 9502-01007-HP — a U-shaped Sure-Fit connector — for use in Agilent 1100 systems, or select the 9504-01005-050 for micro-scale applications where biocompatibility is desired.