Idex Two-Piece RheFlex Fingertight Fittings

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Two-Piece RheFlex Fingertight Fittings

The Rheodyne® RheFlex Precision Two-Piece PEEK™ Fittings sets provide inert, biocompatible connections for instrumentation. These fittings have a reliable, time-tested design. Each 1/16” fittings set contains a 10-32 threaded nut and a specially-designed PEEK ferrule. Three lengths of the 1/16” nut are available: Standard, Short, and Extra Long. RheFlex Fingertight Fittings are rated for use up to 7,000 psi (483 bar). Also offered in this product line is the 6000-078 fitting, designed to connect 1/8” OD tubing into our manual preparative-scale injectors.