Idex Tygon LFL Tubing

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Tygon® LFL Tubing

  • Longest service life of any clear Tygon tubing material
  • Excellent choice where transparency and good chemical resistance is needed


Tygon LFL tubing is available in a broad range of sizes for use throughout our pump product line. Its good chemical resistance coupled with its durability makes it an excellent choice in those applications where longer-life tubing is desired (i.e., where tubes are not disposed of frequently).

In many cases, this tubing can withstand system pressures that are in excess of most peristaltic pumps’ abilities, providing built-in safety precautions for your system flow path.

Choose tubing without stops for use with most single-channel pumps. (NOTE: Ensure the wall thickness of the tubing you have selected matches the requirements for the pump you are using.) Choose the 2 stop or 3-stop tubing for use with the versions of our pumps that incorporate cassettes into the pumphead design.