Idex Universal Prime/Purge Valve

Universal Prime/Purge Valve

  • For any style HPLC system
  • Automatic luer syringe operation
  • Featuring handy mounting holes
  • Materials of construction: ruby, sapphire, PEEK, PTFE, and stainless steel


The Upchurch Scientific Universal Prime/Purge Valve is easy to operate. Simply install a valve along the flow path with the included fittings and attach a luer-tipped syringe. Then, withdraw the plunger and watch as solvent and residual bubbles are removed from the solvent line. The valve automatically closes when the syringe is removed.

The valve is designed to be used with 1/8” OD tubing. Optional mounting is made easy by the handy holes in the body of each unit.


Application NOTE:

Air in the Inlet Solvent Line

  • Install the Low Pressure Universal Prime/Purge Valve along the inlet solvent path near the pump to remove bubbles from the inlet solvent line. The valve can also be used to rapidly “wet” your solvent inlet filter. When a new filter is installed, it often contains a substantial amount of air within its pores. At standard flow rates, it may require several minutes before the inlet fluid pathway is completely free of gas. Using this valve you are able to rapidly draw solvent through the inlet filter, dislodging the gas and minimizing downtime.


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Universal Pump Prime/Purge Valve Assembly