Idex Very High Pressure Filters

Very High Pressure Filters


  • Inline and precolumn configurations available
  • Pressure rated to 15,000 psi (1,035 bar)
  • Low internal volum


The two new VHP Filters are available for UHPLC applications, where filtering particulates from the system is extremely important to prolonging the life of sub-2 μm particle columns. Place the Inline VHP Filter between the pump and injection valve to prolong the life of the injection valve rotor seal by removing any particulates generated by wear of the pump seal. The small volume of the Inline Filter minimizes the introduction of dispersion in the system. Select from 0.2 or 0.5 μm porosity rating for both filter styles.


The unique Precolumn VHP Filter offers additional column protection designed to connect directly into the 10-32 coned port of your column or other piece of hardware. Incorporating a spring loaded, self-adjusting tube, the Precolumn Filter adjusts to any port depth, eliminating any possibility of dead volume. The Precolumn Filter can be reused in multiple ports and a good connection is ensured every time. The replacement product for the Precolumn Filter is easy to use and includes a fresh piece of stainless steel tubing, which extends the lifetime of the assembly.

Connect 1/16” OD and 10-32 coned fittings. The VHP Inline and Precolumn Filters include five replaceable frit assemblies, which can also be purchased separately in packs of ten.


Serial Number



Inline VHP Filter 0.2µm


VHP Precolumn Filter 0.5µm


VHP Precolumn Filter 0.2µm