Idex VHP Tees & Crosses for Capillary Tubing

VHP Tees & Crosses for Capillary Tubing

  • Direct-connect either 360 μm or 1/32” OD tubing — no sleeves required!
  • Available in both tee and cross configurations
  • Pressure rated to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

To help facilitate multi-port connections in UHPLC applications, Upchurch ScientificR has developed a line of MicroTees and MicroCrosses, manufactured from stainless steel and featuring small thru-holes and very low internal volume. Additionally, the stainless steel construction allows these products to be used in applications where electrical conductivity is desired.

Included with the MicroTees and MicroCrosses are the VHP MicroFerrules. The P-278 Extender Tool can be used to tighten the female nuts that are included with these connectors.


Application NOTE:

Why 1/32” OD Tubing and 360 μm OD Tubing?

IDEX Health & Science has focused strongly on the development of a variety of connectors and accessories for 1/32” OD tubing and 360 μm OD tubing. We have focused on these specific sizes due to their overwhelming popularity in analytical instruments, especially where micro and nano-scale analyses are being performed. By creating products designed for these popular sizes, the overall connection is easier to make and generally holds to increased pressures over connections where tubing sleeves are involved.

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VHP MicroTee Assembly for 1/32" OD


VHP MicroCross Assembly for 1/32" OD


VHP MicroTee Assembly for 360µm OD


MicroCross Assembly for 360µm OD