Kirsch Explosion Proof Refrigerators

Laboratory Refrigerators with Explosion Proof Interior

(LABEX®-Standard Safety)          

TÜV-certified explosion proofness: Our LABEX®-Laboratory Refrigerators fulfill the safety requirements for explosion-proof areas of zone 2 (ATEX 94/9EG) and guarantee that the interior is free of ignition sources.

Laboratory Refrigerators with explosion-proof interior from KIRSCH are TÜV tested according to basic safety and health requirements according to guideline 94/9/EC (ATEX) Annex II, EN 1127-1:1997, BGR 120 (October 1993), figure 3.8, as well as to the EC Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336 EEC.


  • Intrinsically safe supply of all electronic components (depends on the model)
  • Structural safety for all non-electrical components (depends on the model)
  • Energy restriction of the power circuits on the interior according to guideline 94/9/EC: Temperature sensors are protected by safety barriers
  • Ground protection for the complete refrigerator interior (potential equality)
  • Refrigerator interior is not opened to the outside (manual removal of melt water)
  • Material combinations on the inside are non-combustible
  • Testing and approval according to guideline 94/9/EC (ATEX) by TÜV SÜD Product GmbH with certificate
  • Production facilities are inspected by an independent accredited company



( Download LABEX®-105 data sheet)

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