Koehler Silver Corrosion Test Apparatus

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Fully insulated, thermostatically controlled water bath with constant water level device. Use together with K25370 Bath Conversion Kit to immerse six 350mL test tubes for silver strip corrosion tests. Stainless steel inner wall and powder coated steel outer wall construction. Tests the corrosiveness of aviation turbine fuels towards silver. A polished silver strip is immersed in a fuel sample at elevated temperature. After a specified test period, the strip is removed from the sample, washed and evaluated for corrosion.



IP 227; ASTM D130, D4814, D6074, D6158; FSPT DT-28-65; IP 154; ISO 2160; DIN 51759; FTM 791-5325

Testing Capacity

6 samples for silver strip corrosion testing

Maximum Temperature

221°F (105°C)

Temperature Control Stability

±1°F (±0.5°C)

Heat Range


Bath Medium

5 gal (18.9L) water

Temperature Control

Analog or Digital


Key Features

  • Conforms to IP 227 specifications
  • Six sample capability