Labpro Bottle Top Dispensers

Accurate dispensing from an easy to use dispenser. LabPro Bottle Top Dispenser is a cost effective, safe, efficient, and durable bottletop dispenser, it has a re-circulation valve that re-directs liquid into the bottle to allow bubble free dispensing without any loss of reagent. Its smooth and soft plunger mechanism makes it easy to use in a demanding laboratory environment.


Volume adjustment knob

180º rotation for easy & effortless volume setting.



Specially designed calibration tool is provided for convenient and quick in-lab user re-calibration. This is in compliance with glo/iso norms.


Re-circulation valve

Prevents loss of reagent during purging.


Adjustable delivery nozzle

Adjustable delivery nozzle to facilitate dispensing ease in all demanding laboratory conditions.


Unique piston and springless valve

Specially designed, springless, PTF valve manifold and ptfe piston ensures high chemical compatibility and smooth movement.



Adaptors to fit most of the laboratory reagent bottles are provided in the following. Sizes: 28, 30, 32, 36, 40 and 45 mm.