Labpro Electronic Pipette



LabPRO products are specially designed to offer high performance with Swiss accuracy yet with economical value. The new LabPRO Electronic pipettes are as easy to use as the mechanical micropipettes with only 2 buttons and 4 essential pipetting modes: Pipet, Repetitive, Mix and Reverse. They are essential to users who relies highly on accuracy, especially those in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, cell culture, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and genetics.


Key features

Electronic Pipette Series

  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced, virtually zero pipetting force
  • Large available range from 0.5µl to 1200µl
  • 5 single channels: 10µl / 20µl / 100µl / 300µl / 1200µl
  • 10 multi-channels: same as above: 8 and 12 channels
  • Use while charging without compromising performance
  • Fully motorized piston drive
  • Well priced