Labpro High Precision Micropipette

Micropipette (Fully Autoclavable) 

LabPRO products are specially designed to offer high performance with Swiss accuracy yet with economical value. The new LabPRO high precision micropipette is the only mechanical pipette that offers both lock and unlock mechanism and tip ejection system in one. They are essential to users who relies highly on accuracy, especially those in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, cell culture, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and genetics.



With a soft contoured handle and a curved hilt the pipette rests comfortable in your hand, giving LabPRO the most ergonomic pipette in the market.


Volume adjustment

True one-handed volume adjustment for right and left handed operators, to reach your desired volume


Completely autoclavable

Autoclavable enable easy cleaning to reduce the risk of contamination. Steam autoclaving can be performed at 121°C, 1 bar for 20 minutes. After autoclaving the pipette must be cooled down and left to dry for 12 hours before use.


Maximum precision and accuracy

The handle and mechanism have been especially designed for fixed volume pipettes. The pipette features reduced pipetting forces and excellent accuracy and precision that are required.


Universal tip cone

Universal tip cone design compatible with major brands of tips.