Laser Guide


Laser Guide - Laser Guide 3/ Laser Guide 6

  • Capacity: model 3 for 1-2 laser cutting machines; model 6 for 3-4 laser cutting machines
  • Delivery pressure: from 4 to 6 bar
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption technology (PSA): this technology, using CMS, allows to have an inert mixture of Nitrogen and Argon without phthalates, hydrocarbons and CO2, as well as to provide an amount of oxygen and moisture completely suitable to optics and laser path
  • Microprocessor controller with alarm system interfaceable with centralized systems
  • “Fast purity” patent guarantees consistently high purity in all operating conditions
  • The generator produces exclusively the quantity of gas required by the application and switches to stand-by mode when consumption is zero
  • Each model is supplied as standards with a built-in oxygen analyser
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Complies with EC directives (including PED)
  • Designed in compliance with UL and ASME standards



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