Lauda Drop volume Tensiometer TVT

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Drop volume Tensiometer TVT

Measuring of surface and interfacial tension

LAUDA drop volume tensiometers serve to measure the surface and interfacial tension of liquids. The method is especially suited to determining dynamic interfacial tensions. Here, the volume of a drop detaching from the needle is measured very precisely. The surface/interfacial tension is derived from this depending on whether the drop forms in air or in a second non-miscible phase (oil). This measurement principle is in an easy-to-operate measuring unit using precision mechanics and modern electronics. The microliter-precise drop formation ensures the outstanding precision and reproducibility of the measured values. With the highly stable Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) speed controller of the direct-current motor, drops can be formed with a lifespan from one second up to a number of hours without vibrations. The analysis of these effects is especially important when it comes to time-limited surfactant effects, like, for example, with quick coating processes, drop formation, wetting processes or with emulsion stability.