Lauda ECO


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ECO Heating and Cooling Thermostats


Heating and cooling thermostats for econommical thermostating in the laboratory from -50 up to 200 °C


The LAUDA ECO stands out due to its range of functionality and ease of use. A menu navigation in plain text allows easy operation of the devices. Both control heads are equipped with a mini-USB interface as standard. Further interfaces are available as modules. Another innovation is the practical allocation of a flow-rate switch at the front on the control head. This means that individual adjustment of the flow between internal and external circulation is possible even during operation. Variants in 230 V; 50 Hz are also available with natural refrigerants. The most powerful units are equipped with the energy-saving LAUDA SmartCool system. All cooling thermostats are available as air-cooled or water-cooled variants.




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