Lauda iVisc Capillary viscometer

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iVisc Capillary viscometer

Capillary viscometer for fully automatic viscosity measurement and evaluation

The fully automatic, space-saving iVisc is easy to operate and suitable for getting started in professional viscometry. Simply insert the USB cable into the PC or netbook, start the software and the capillary viscometer is ready to go. The state-of-the-art measuring instrument offers a Windows user interface which could not have a more intuitive or easy design. As such, the system condition, the ongoing measuring or pause times as well as the measuring data in table form can be seen at a glance. The capillary data can be transferred into the measuring window via drag & drop. Using „pull down“ menus, important application-specific evaluations and all common approximation formulas for intrinsic viscosities (IV values) can be specified as a measure for polymer chain lengths. By taking the necessary corrections into account, the absolute kinematic viscosities and, if the density is known, the dynamic viscosities can be evaluated from the precisely measured processing times.