Lauda Kryoheater Selecta

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Process thermostat for energy-saving professional temperature control in the working range of -90 up to 200 °C

LAUDA process thermostats of the Kryoheater Selecta (KHS) series ensure high-performance temperature control at high energy efficiency and reliability. The compact device construction provides a long service life and maintenance friendliness.

Corresponding to the lowest working temperature, two-stage compressors (up to -60 °C) and/or cascade cooling systems (up to -90 °C) are used. The condenser is cooled by means of cooling water. The cooling capacity is controlled continuously and precisely by injection control. A step switch ensures energy-saving and low-wear partial load operation using an automatic compressor system. By means of the electric heating, Kryoheater Selecta can cover an operating temperature of up to 200 °C.



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