Lauda PVS Viscometer basic modules

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PVS Viscometer basic modules

Modular processor viscosity measuring system for efficient system solutions


The measuring stand S 5

The S 5 is the actual measuring station of the PVS system. The head of the stand-alone measuring stand S 5 is comprised of the opto-electronic meniscus detectors as well as the entire micro-processor control of the measuring process including miniature pump and valves in the head of the unit. The measuring time of the sample is determined to the millisecond using a processor-controlled infrared light sensor. The robust micro-pump for pushing the sample up into the measuring ball as well as the chemical-resistant valves in the head of the stand make reliable continuous operation possible.

The control unit PVS 1

The PVS 1 control unit is the core of the system as well as the switching station between the PC and individual components. It can be equipped with up to four inserts depending on the configuration.