Lauda Ring/Plate Tensiometer TD

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Ring/Plate Tensiometer TD

Measuring of surface and interfacial tension

The LAUDA TD tensiometers perform measurements with the Du Noüy ring and Wilhelmy plate according to international standards. Thanks to the powerful load cell with significantly advanced measuring range, it is also possible to determine the densities according to the Archimedes’ principle as well as to measure small weights. The measuring table with sample plate can be moved smoothly without any jerking motions in order to, for example, place the Wilhelmy plate on the sample surface or find the maximum force during ring measurement. The tensiometers come in a new design and are equipped with some unique technical features. As such, the world‘s smallest thermostat, the LAUDA PTT Peltier thermostating unit can be easily incorporated into the device. Surface and interfacial tensions can be easily measured, precisely and repeatably calculated, displayed, printed, saved and transferred to the computer with a single keystroke.



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