Lauda Ultracool

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Process circulation chillers for industrial applications with cooling capacities up to 265 kW at working temperatures from -5 up to 25 °C in ambient conditions from -15 up to 50 °C

LAUDA Ultracool chillers provide reliable temperature control and ensure secure processing. The chillers of the UC series are available as Ultracool Standard (ST) and Ultracool Superplus (SP). All chillers are already equipped with an antifreeze protection thermostat to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger.

Integrated pressure switches protect the circuit against pressure levels that drift too high or too low. Housings made from galvanized steel and externally coated with epoxy resin protects against corrosion even under aggressive ambient conditions. Most of the models are suitable for outdoor installation. The Ultracool Standard units provide the necessary cooling capacity for customers who already have a pump and a water reservoir installed. The Superplus models are plug & operate systems equipped with a cold water tank, a centrifugal pump and an internal bypass



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