LUM - LUMiFuge Stability Analyser


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LUMiFuge Stability Analyser

The Stability Analyser LUMiFuge® provides you with the objective classification and quantification of demixing phenomena and with the easy and fast determination of stability and shelf-life of dispersions. It is the instrument of choice for process optimization, quality assurance and quality control as well as for process control related research and development. The features are easy operated, high flexibility and highly applicable.


  • Run up to 8 samples at a time
  • Deliver fast and direct stability measurements
  • Compare and predict shelf life
  • Analyse magnetic particles
  • Work with high sample concentrations and a wide range of temperatures
  • Flocculant and demulsifier selection
  • Needs no material constants
  • Immediately see and understand your complete sample top to bottom
  • Optimize your dispersion
  • Measure and differentiate various degrees of destabilization phenomena
  • Use disposable cells
  • Quick and easy to use




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