LUM - LUMiReader X-Ray


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LUMiReader X-Ray

The LUMiReader X-Ray is the first dispersion analyser designed for one purpose only: to study dispersability, stability, separation, and consolidation phenomena for completely transparent to completely opaque emulsions, suspension, sludges, slurries, foams and powders in real-time. For the first time ever, illuminate your sample instantaneously from top to bottom. Solve your most challenging dispersion problems with complete insight. Go places light cannot.



  • In-situ analysis of transparent as well as opaque particulate systems
  • No dilution of emulsions or suspensions
  • Signal does not depend on particle shape
  • See/understand complex dispersion behaviour
  • Study the various instability mechanisms
  • High resolution of phase separation of multicomponent systems
  • Detect concentration gradients within phases and sediment
  • Determine mean and space resolved packing sediment densities
  • Endless monitoring of sample behaviour for long-time storage information
  • Use any continuous phase of dispersing agent
  • Real time, non-invasive and non-destructive
  • High-end analyser for QC, process monitoring and R & D