Mahr MarSurf XC 2

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Your entry into precision contour measurement

Measuring and evaluating function-related geometries on workpieces and tools is an elementary requirement in research, engineering and industry. The quick, simple and inexpensive 2D contour measuring system is increasingly being chosen in preference to other methods. MarSurf XC 2 satisfies all demands in terms of accuracy and range of evaluation criteria. At the same time it consistently delivers safe and reliable results.

  • With associative elements, parameters that are dependent on datum elements are recalculated as soon as a datum element is changed
  • Password-protected user access permissions to prevent improper use
  • Outstanding calibration processes based on many years of experience, including geometry calibration, measuring force calibration, bend compensation and many more
  • Sturdy, rigid probes
  • Smooth running, sturdy and accurate drive unit
  • Automatic lowering and raising of the probe arm at individually adjustable speeds
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Patented probe arm fixing for collision protection



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