Malvern Morphologi G3-ID

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This fully automated instrument is designed to allow both particle characterization scientists with limited spectroscopy experience and more experienced spectroscopists to get an in-depth understanding of their particulate samples.

Key features include:

  • Measures particle size, shape and chemical identity in one platform.
  • Automates Morphologi G3 with Kaiser Optical Systems RamanRxn1™ spectrometer.
  • Integrated dry powder dispersion with accurate dispersion energy control automates sample preparation for consistent measurements of both fragile and robust materials.
  • Versatile sample presentation accessories for measuring suspended and filtered samples.
  • Simple SOP operation from sample dispersion through to size, shape and chemical analysis.
  • Automatic selection, targeting and chemical classification of thousands of individual particles.
  • Export function for third party forensic library investigations.
  • Direct Raman spectrum export to (Bio-Rad) KnowItAll® ID Expert software for spectral library search.
  • Single point manual targeting mode for manual selection of particles for chemical analysis.
  • Powerful and intuitive software interface making both visual and statistical interpretation of your data easier than ever.



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