Malvern Zetasizer µV

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The Zetasizer µV is a highly sensitive dual function light scattering detector. It can be used as a RALS detector with any GPC/SEC system, including Viscotek, to give absolute size (by DLS) and absolute molecular weight (by SLS). Alternatively, in cuvette mode, it is suitable for the detection of aggregates and for monitoring aggregate formation using DLS. The Zetasizer µV can be connected to any GPC/SEC system and concentration detector using an 8µl quartz flow cell and standard chromatography tubing.  This allows the measurement of absolute size, absolute molecular weight, aggregation, and conjugation (when used with a second concentration detector).

In cuvette mode, batch measurements of particle and molecular size (by DLS) can be made by simply removing the flow cell from the unit and inserting a standard cuvette containing the sample.

  • Switch in seconds from chromatography detector to cuvette mode.
  • Accurate and repeatable results using precise temperature control.
  • Sensitivity – 0.1mg/mL 15kDa protein (Lysozyme).
  • Only 2µL sample required in cuvette mode to preserve sample.
  • 8µL flow cell for chromatography mode ensures minimal band broadening to preserve the resolution of the separation.
  • Connect to any Viscotek system for full software integration and truly automated operation
  • Connect to any third party SEC system using OmniSEC software and OmniFACE interface.
  • Automated temperature trends for aggregation temperature determination.



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