Messmer Buchel - Horizontal Tensile Tester - Model 84-56

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Messmer Büchel - Horizontal Tensile Tester - Model 84-56

The Horizontal Tensile Tester tests the tensile strength and elongation of a sample. After placing the sample the sensor detects the sample and the test starts. Special guides are supplied to center the sample correctly. The guides can be replaced when another test width is required. The wide workbench enables you to easily perform your tests. The auto detect option leaves your hands free to slide in your sample. The touchscreen has clear buttons makes navigation quick and easily. As an option, the instrument can be adapted for wet test according to ISO 12625-5.

After the tests the values are shown in a graph and in statistical values. The main results are force, strain, T.E.A, elongation and force, and there is a wide range of other results. The instrument is equipped with an overload protection and can be supplied with a 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1,000N load cell.



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