Photopette® - Custom

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The Photopette® – Custom enables ultra-fast photometric measurements for custom specified visible wavelengths without the need for sample transfer into a cuvette. You can customize your own Photopette® to include up to 3 wavelengths of your choice between 250 nm and 1050 nm. Seamless integration with smart devices makes measurements, data acquisition and data sharing available at your fingertip. This system can be easily operated by no experienced staff.

What is Photopette®?

Photopette® is a handheld portable device using Tip Biosystems’s disposable CuveTip™ for photometric analysis, thereby offering independence from laboratory environments.

Photopette® is the first personal photometer of its kind. It offers wireless connectivity to iOS/Android tablets and smart phones, enabling a new convenient workflow without sample transfer steps. This next generation device allows photometric measurement of liquid samples, data analysis and interpretation including real-time wireless sharing of data.

Photopette® supports wavelengths from UV to NIR, offering straightforward solutions for your individual applications. Furthermore, Photopette® is priced at a fraction of conventional UV-Vis Spectrophotometers while still providing the capabilities needed for existing photometric applications.

There will be no cross contamination or Sample Transfer Steps. Photopette® can be easily used within Bio Safety cabinets and requires only a small sample volume. It also comes with features like Geo-Tagging, Time Stamp & Visual Capabilities.



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