Postnova PN1000 Eluent Pump, FFF Modules

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PN1130 Eluent Pump, FFF Modules

The Postnova PN1130 Eluent Pump is a solvent delivery system which has been specially developed and strictly optimized for the best performance in Field-Flow Fractionation. It employs short piston stroke technology with only two check valves.

The delivery piston works with a 2 mm stroke length, the compensation piston with 1 mm. The nearly pulseless solvent discharge of the PN1130 results from the high stroke frequency/low stroke volume (20 µL) and the use of a compensation piston. While the delivery piston discharges the solvent volume, the compensation piston, located on the pressurized side, collects half of the volume. During the return movement of the delivery piston, the collected volume is discharged from the compensation piston.


PN1150 Quaternary Pump, FFF Modules

The PN1150 Quaternary Pump (Low Pressure Gradient pump) is a bio-inert HPLC/FPLC solvent delivery system to convey liquids for analytical and semipreparative applications. The module is intended to be used in the following areas:

  • Biochemistry analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Food analysis
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Environmental analysis

Liquids are conveyed either with constant fl ow or with constant pressure. In FFF systems only “Constant Flow” mode is used. All functions of the pump are controlled via the NovaFFF control software.


PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter, FFF Modules

The PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter (S3) module is an advanced flow controller which allows precise and automated outlet splitting of the eluent stream leaving the FFF channel. This unique proprietary S3 technology has been exclusively developed to offer an advanced option for FFF researchers to increase sensitivity in FFF detection currently available for AF2000 Flow FFF systems. Together with a AF2000 double outlet channel cartridge, detection levels can be increased by a factor of 2-5 without any further injection of additional sample into the FFF separation system.



( Download PN1130 Eluent Pump data sheet)

( Download PN1150 Quaternary Pump data sheet)

( Download PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter data sheet)