Postnova PN3000 XPT - Micro Particle Detector

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The Postnova PN3000 XPT Online Particle Size Detectoris a new type of detection system, which combines optical particle sizing with advanced CCD detection and fast image analysis. The system is ideal for coupling to FFF and enables the online identification and characterization of microparticles. Any kind of FFF separation system, such as Splitt, Centrifugal, Flow or Thermal FFF can be hyphenated to the PN3000 XPT. The detector employs a special inert glass flow cell, illuminated by a LED light source coupled with sensitive CCD detection for the optical identification and characterization of any microparticle from approximate 1 µm up to 300 µm. Thus, in combination with a FFF separation system, even the most complex particle systems can be characterized. The particle size and number, size distribution and shape can be easily obtained for each fraction. This makes the technology ideal for use in Pharmaceutical Technology, Biotechnology, Chemical and Environmental applications.