Postnova PN3150 Refractive Index Detector

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The new PN3150 deflection type differential Refractive Index Detector is a detection system which offers the highest sensitivity combined with exceptional baseline stability at the same time. Thus the system is ideally suited for „flow sensitive“ applications such as FFF and GPC. The unit comes in the new Postnova design and has a removable front cover. The manual touch keys combined with the display allows complete control of the detector without the need for any external software system. At the same time, the PN3150 can be easily controlled externally using the integrated Ethernet interface connection port.

Options Flow Cells:

  • Z-DET-3150-001 microbore (2.5 µL Cell Volume)
  • Z-DET-3150-002 analytical (8.0 µL Cell Volume)
  • Z-DET-3150-003 preparative (8.0 µL Cell Volume)




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