Postnova PN3609 Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector

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The Postnova PN3609 MALS detector system employs a well selected range of 9 scattering angles and therefore offers a very good economic performance ratio. It does not have the same full range of angles as the high-end model PN3621 MALS, but still has all angles needed to become a reliable, rugged and precise light scattering instrument for all main applications of today’s bio-, nano- and polymer laboratories. All angles in the PN3609 are carefully selected in such a way that the majority of the applications is easily possible and that the resulting molar mass and size determination yields precise and stable results. Because of its more restricted number of angles, the PN3609 MALS system may not be eligible for all high-end nanotech and polymer applications, especially for molar masses above 10E7 Da and sizes above 250 nm. However, because it employs 9 full angles, the PN3609 has a superior performance compared to any other mid-range MALS detector system, thus allowing high quality data and angular fits providing fully scientific and meaningful results for smaller to mid-size samples.



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