Postnova TF2000 Thermal FFF Polymer Separator

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TF2000 Thermal FFF

The most Advanced System for Separation of Natural and Synthetic Polymers and Gel Particles!


Professional Modular System

The new award winning Postnova TF2000 Thermal FFF Series was invented to become the first professional modular Thermal FFF system available. It is completely integrated by the NovaFFF single software platform which runs the entire system from autosampler to detectors. The TF2000 Series incorporates the combined solid know-how and the proven technologies from three decades of leadership in FFF. Due to its unique design, the TF2000 Thermal FFF system offers more flexibility, higher robustness and better performance than traditional chromatographic systems. No separation column with stationary phase is required anymore and consequently the TF2000 technology sets a complete new standard and offers a real alternative to column-based polymer characterization techniques.



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