Proline Edition X Heating & Cooling Thermostats

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Heating and cooling thermostats Proline Edition X


Heating and cooling thermostats with temperatures from -90 up to 300 °C for professional use in research, application engineering and production - 

For ten successful years now, the name LAUDA Proline has stood for uncompromisingly reliable temperature control, intuitive operator guidance and great flexibility in research, application technology and production. On this occasion, the much lauded heating and cooling thermostats for the ranges from -90 to 300 °C are now available as the Proline Edition X with extras as standard. This includes the newly designed Command remote control unit, which allows convenient operation at distances of up to 50 meters. Furthermore, all of the thermostats come equipped with the LAUDA Wintherm Plus software. Using this software, the equipment can be controlled efficiently and conveniently by computer. The LAUDA Proline Edition X is also available with an extended warranty of 36 months.




( Download Heating thermostat data sheet)

( Download Cooling thermostat data sheet)