Rudolph Autopol III, Automatic Polarimeter

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The Autopol III Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph’s entry-level pharmaceutical and research grade instrument  which has a ±0.002 Degrees Optical Rotation accuracy for rotations up to 1° Arc. This polarimeter comes standard with two wavelengths: 589nm and 546nm and will pass an FDA inspection with the appropriate water bath to control temperature. IQOQ documentation is included with the instrument.

  • Measures Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Concentration, and °Z (ISS) Sugar Degrees
  • Resolution: 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation
  • Accuracy: 0.002° Arc up to 1°, 0.2% above 1°
  • Simple touch panel user interface
  • Built in temperature probe
  • 8 inch Color Display, 800 x 600 pixel resolution with 400 nits of brightness
  • Data storage – 8 GB Non-removable Compact Flash
  • Optional Wavelengths 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 578nm
  • 3- USB Ports, 2- RS232 serial ports, Ethernet Port for Network Communication
  • Entry level dual wavelength Pharmaceutical and Research grade instrument.



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