Rudolph Autopol VI, Automatic Polarimeter

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The Autopol VI Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph’s top of the line six wavelength polarimeter specifically designed for the most demanding analytical laboratories. The built in Ethernet port allows saving data directly to your network server and printing to a network printer. The USB ports allow printing to a printer that has Windows® drivers. This unit comes standard with six wavelengths, TempTrol™ NIST traceable standard, TempTrol™ sample cell, TempTrol™ temperature validation cell and IQOQ (Installation Quality, Operation Quality) documentation.

  • 0.0003 accuracy for low rotation samples of ±1° Arc
  • Ethernet port for network connection
  • Save measurements direct to your network/server
  • 3 USB ports
  • Connect to Windows® based printer via USB
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • TempTrol™ Electronic Heating and Cooling
  • Six Standard Wavelengths
  • Designed for demanding analytical laboratories.




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