Rudolph J157 Series, Digital Refractometer

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J157HA perfect for High Accuracy measurements in the Sugar, Food & Beverage Industry

The Rudolph J157HA offers High Accuracy of RI ±0.00002, BRIX ±0.01 with a measurement range of RI 1.32 – 1.53, BRIX 0 – 100 making the J157HA an excellent choice for quality control of food and beverage products.


J157WR ideal for the Chemical Industry.

With a measurement range of RI 1.29 – 1.66 and BRIX 0 – 100 the Rudolph J157WR offer the versatility needed for Chemical plants where the chemicals are primarily non-water based. The J157WR offers accuracy of ±0.0001 RI and ±0.1 BRIX which is in excess of the accuracy required in most Chemical Plants.


J157-633 for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research

A Biotechnology and Bioengineering refractometer designed specifically for measuring materials in the Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscopy (OWLS) system thus capable of measuring the effective refractive index of a thin layer above an Si(Ti)O2 waveguide surface. The Digital J157-633 has all of the same features as the standard J157 automatic refractometer but operates at 633nm instead of the standard 589nm. The J157-633 is part of the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line and shares many of the same features as our other refractometers.



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