Rudolph J47 & J57 Series, Automatic Refractometer

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Refractometers for the Food & Beverage Industry,

  • Very fast measuring food and beverage industry refractometer (Refraktometer)
  • On-board temperature correction using the latest ICUMSA tables for sugar and water based samples.
  • Simple to load, simple to measure, simple to clean
  • Result independent of operator judgment
  • Precision lab refractometer with traceable calibration.
  • Stores measurement electronically.


J57 HA – High Accuracy & J57 WR Wide Range

The Rudolph J57HA and J57WR refractometers are designed to meet the unique needs of food quality testing where the automatic refractometer is viewed as a quality control (QC) tool rather than a laboratory instrument. A single flat measurement surface, automatic electronic temperature control, and one button measurement capability make it perfect for heavy use food industry applications, where fast, automatic, and accurate Brix readings are required.

  • Wide Measurement Range for the Chemical Industry.
  • High Accuracy
  • J57WR offers an wide Refractive Index (RI) measurement range from 1.26 – 1.70




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