Sample Testing

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Available Analytical Testing Services


Particle Size Analysis

The determination of particle size distribution is a critical step for material characterization. The consequences of improper size analysis include poor product performance, high rejection rates and economic losses. With laser diffraction particle size analysis, we enable rapid, accurate sizing measurements for your wet and dry samples.

Zeta Potential Measurement

Zeta potential is an indicator of a various material performance metrics, including dispersion stability, and surficial or interfacial chemistry. Zeta potential is especially important for R&D as an indicator of chemical compatibility in both, formulation and application. We offer a simple test for the combined determination of zeta potential and particle size at the "as is" state of the sample.

Dispersion Stability Analysis

Product shelf life is an important parameter of product quality, however testing for shelf life can involve long waiting periods. We offer a solution for the direct testing of dispersion stability within a span of hours. With our product, you can even measure the particle and droplet velocity distributions during creaming sedimentation and sedimentation phenomena for a deeper understanding of your product performance.

Optical Property Analysis

Analysis of the material’s refractive properties as well as polarity is essential for product characterization as well as raw material quality testing. We cater to your testing needs with a simple yet accurate testing solutions so you can maximize your capital resources with our world class instrumentation.

Density Analysis

Material density is one of the intrinsic material properties used for material characterization. Density is hence often used to test for material purity in quality control, besides its use as a research parameter. We offer prompt and reliable density testing services for a variety of materials.

Nanoparticle Analysis

From nanoparticle sizing, to particle size concentration and distribution measurement, our instruments provide complete solutions for nanoparticle analysis. Furthermore, via microscopic imaging of the sample, you can gather more information on your sample than ever before.