SmartSkim Suction Skimmers

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Floating Suction Skimmers


The multi-patented SmartSkim® Suction Skimmer is the most efficient and most durable device available for skimming and removing floating oil and contaminants from industrial process fluids.

Most Efficient Devices for Skimming –


Our patented suction skimmer changes position when fluid levels in your tank, bath or pit rise and fall. You can also easily set the exact depth of skim you need and fine tune it to accommodate aggressive surface skimming or to get underneath a foam layer to remove the floating oil.

Simply connect the SmartSkim® Suction Skimmer to the suction side of a transfer pump and you’re skimming. This unit continuously removes the topmost oily layer. When this SmartSkim® skimmer is used in conjunction with our SmartSkim® Separator Systems, skimmed oil can be continuously separated and removed from your fluids using no consumables.

Skimmed oil can be continuously separated and removed from your fluids using no consumables



  • Continuously removes topmost fluid layer of your parts washer and coolant sumps
  • Floats with changing fluid levels in your tanks
  • Easily set the exact depth of skim you need
  • Installs over the tank edge




  • No hoses to affect ballasting, create kinks, become collapsed or get rigid
  • There are no belts or disks or drums to repair
  • Standard products for level changes of 3.5 inches, 7 inches, 17 inches and the new pivot arm skimmer accommodates level changes of up to 50 inches
  • SmartSkim® Suction Skimmer is manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Simple. Durable. Effective. As many of our customers say – “It Just Works”!


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7" J-Tube Skimmer


17" J-Tube Skimmer


36" Pivot Arm Skimmer


48" Pivot Arm Skimmer