SmartSkim Sump Cleaners

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Sumpcleaners serve as a great complementary product to the CoolantLoop Coolant Recycling Systems. With a properly sized Sumpcleaner, the management of your coolant is made that much easier.

Greatly Reduces Labor –

Unlike conventional methods of removing dirty coolant from your sumps, the Sumpcleaner greatly reduces the amount of labor required to effectively clean your sumps.

Because the Sumpcleaner makes the job of cleaning sumps easier, your maintenance staff is more likely to clean the sumps on a regular basis, resulting in less buildup of swarf and scum on the bottom of your sumps. Once dirty coolant is in the Sumpcleaner, it can be easily and safely transported to the coolant recycling center. No more potential spills of dirty coolant in your shop. Once at the coolant recycling center, SmartSkim has incorporated technology that will allow for the easy transfer of coolant into the recycler. Sumpcleaners purchased with dual compartments (clean side/dirty side) allow you to bring clean coolant from the recycler back to the sump(s) that you just cleaned out.

This feature minimizes the down time of your revenue producing machine tools.



  • Mobile sumpcleaners are designed and built for cleaning machine tool sumps - they remove, filter, and transport coolants
  • Mobile sumpcleaners quickly remove coolant, chips, fines, and sludges at 60 - 110 GPM
  • Reduces sumpcleaning time from several hours to 15-30 minutes
  • Saves labor costs and reduces machine downtime
  • Easily maneuvered in tight places
  • Quick paybacks for large and small shops
  • Separated tramp oils can be sold or recycled



  • Flush to the tank bottom cleanout door to make clean up easier
  • A patented filter system to prevent bridging and sticking
  • Mechanical (non-electric) overflow control valve to protect against spills and air pump damage
  • Vacuum/pressure gauges to prevent over-pressurization
  • Multiple backup pressure relief systems


Serial Number



Sump Cleaner – 60 gallon capacity


Sump Cleaner – 90 gallon capacity


Sump Cleaner – 140 gallon capacity


Sump Cleaner – 175 gallon capacity


Replacement filter bag (green bag)