Stama System 7MT 2C Milling-Turning Center

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Stama System 7MT 2C Milling-Turning Center

Two place Centers MT 2C

6-sided, highly productive complete machining. Economic, precise and flexible – in any production volume.

Simultaneous complete milling and turning of a workpiece on one machine base with two independent operator platforms. MT-2C Centers are highly productive manufacturing systems; machining bars, blanks and semi-finished products on all six sides.

Each work area has one milling and one turning spindle, enabling precise and powerful 5-axis complete machining. Sides 1–5 are milled and turned in the first workstation, at the same time sides 2–6 of the same workpiece are machined in the second. The result is doubled productivity when compared to single work-zone milling-tuning centers.




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