Studer S30 Conventional Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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S30 Conventional Cylindrical Grinding Machine

The S30 conventional cylindrical grinding machines, which are electric or hydraulically controlled, represent a precise and easy way to grind small to medium sized workpieces. Features like rapid infeed, grinding feed, spark-out, rapid retraction of the handwheel to the preset grinding allowance, plus cycles for plunge and traverse grinding are included in the basic equipment. 

The S30 is a cylindrical grinding machine for medium-sized workpieces in individual and small batch production. It has distances between centres of 650mm (25.6") / 1000mm (40") and centre heights of 125mm (4.9") / 175mm (6.9") / 225mm (8.8"). It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 130kg (286lbs). It is suitable for any sector in which medium-sized components are produced.

This simple, reasonably priced machine has a tried-and-tested hydraulic infeed system. It is easy to operate and the machine can be reset very quickly. The Granitan® S103 machine bed provides the basis for the fitting of technologically outstanding components to form a cylindrical grinding machine guaranteeing the highest possible precision, performance and reliability for many years.



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