Studer S31 Universal External Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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S31 Universal External Cylindrical Grinding Machine 

The S31 is a cylindrical grinding machine for small to large workpieces in single, small and large series production. It has distances between centres of 400mm (15.7") / 650mm (25.6") / 1,000mm (40') / 1,600mm (63") and a centre height of 175 mm (6.9"). It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kg (330lbs).

Thanks to the upgradeable modular system, the S31 can be adapted to match your precise requirements. The swiveling wheelhead allows you to externally, internally and face grind workpieces in a single clamping – with a high-resolution B-axis of 0.00005°. Its foundation is a machine base made of solid Granitan® S103.



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