Ubiquitome - Liberty16 mobile real time PCR system

The Liberty16 is your personal qPCR machine. Run your samples without waiting, using a beautiful device that sits neatly on your bench.

Designed with you in mind
Designed from the ground up to fit in with you, the Liberty16’s footprint will fit with whatever space you have to work with, wherever you are. Low profile by design, it’s easy to reach over to access other parts of your workspace or to be put away in a drawer to maximize your flexibility.

Away from a power outlet but still need to get work done? We have you covered with a state of the art internal rechargeable lithium ion battery offering 2-3 hours of cord free run time.

It even has a robust, stylish aluminum casing which makes it standout wherever you are.

It doesn’t even need a laptop to run. Download the powerful Ubiquitome iPhone app from the App Store. It allows you to set up your run, view the run in progress, call Cq’s dynamically and even upload your data to share in the cloud.


Key features
Easy. Fast. Open. Connected. Stay ahead of the curve with Liberty16 real time PCR in the palm of your hand.

  • The mobile Liberty16 real time PCR device for answers in as little as 20 mins.
  • Liberty16 connectivity provided via Bluetooth.
  • Update results to the cloud in real time.
  • Simple 30 second real time PCR protocol set-up and run.
  • Automated Cq calling
  • Dynamic graphing of annotated real time PCR amplification curves.